Alohomora is the secret formula which unlocks the magic of Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings in the heart of Stratford upon Avon.

Enter the spellbinding shop beneath the Alohomora nameboard and you will step straight of Muggle society to unveil the wizarding world of Harry himself, right there in Henley Street, opposite the Shakespeare Birthplace Museum.

You’ll find wizarding wear including Gryffindor beanies, Slytherin scarves and spell-makers’ gowns, with suitable wands, of course. Hedwig will be ready to fly by your side ready to deliver messages, you’ll be able to equip yourself with broomstick and winged ball to play quidditch. Take your pick from a treasure trove of Potter paraphernalia including souvenir mugs, Platform 9¾ signs, work books and amazing table cabinets in which to keep potent potions and gruesome ingredients for working the Hogwarts way.

Alohomora staff are very friendly and knowledgeable about the world of Harry Potter, enough to help anyone from the most accomplished to the least experienced young wizards and witches to find the equipment they wish. They are also delighted to assist any mystified Muggles who may find their way in hoping to purchase Potter memorabilia for Harry devotees within their families, perhaps as magical Christmas or birthday gifts.

Fantasy followers will also find souvenirs of the Game of Thrones, in which seven royal families quest for the Iron Throne, and of Tolkien’s amazing world of Hobbits, elves and wizards quite as accomplished as young Harry, such as Gandalf the Grey.

Alhomora’s General Manager, Mizan, says: “It is a very nice shop and we are getting very good feedback from both local people and from tourists. Kids just love it! Our staff are very knowledgeable about Harry because they grew up reading and watching his films themselves.”

Contact details:


48 Henley Street,

Stratford upon Avon,

Warwickshire CV37 6QW

Tel 01789 507477


Facebook @Alohomora