Bretts Gifts

Gift seekers and the mystically minded will love Bretts Gifts, a fascinating new shop selling a wonderfully weird selection of goods for mind, body and spirit. There are spell pouches to make wishes come true, oracle cards to help you figure out what’s coming, incense sticks to perfume the house and aromatherapy oils for massage.

Delve among the shelves and you’ll find jewellery to empower and protect, books to reveal the magical arts and beautiful natural crystals to channel energy or look pretty on the windowsill. There are Wiccan supplies, tumbled stones and objects to amuse and lift the spirits, such as polar bear tables and a quirky car chair with headlamps. Kev’s Corner targets the male psyche.

You’ll find numerous curious and beautiful choices to give at Christmas or any other time, from children’s activity kits to comic cushions.

Bretts Gifts is named in tribute to young entrepreneur Brett Woodier, who died after a five year battle with leukaemia. His funeral took place the day before his 19th birthday. From diagnosis at 13, Brett successfully bought and sold unusual objects, generating brisk online trade from his hospital bed. His mother, Sarah, carries on what he started, helped by the family.

“Brett was an inspiration,” she says.

The shop, open Tuesday to Saturday, is conveniently sited facing Burbage’s Woolcomber pub and has free parking outside.

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Bretts Gifts