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Bespoke laser cutting and engraving is used to create unique items and product lines for customers of 1331 Lasercrafts, a family business literally at the cutting edge of technological craftsmanship.

The company makes anything from simple shapes to three dimensional items like its new collection of wooden animal heads.

At the heart of this family business based in Rugby is a highly versatile laser machine with a large cutting bed 122cm x 61cm x 30cm. This enables it to manufacture either one large item or, more usually, many smaller items at a time, cutting costs. That makes the whole service very competitively priced, whether people are ordering items in wood, metal, glass, plastic, stone, card, paper, fabric or any other material.

1331 Lasercrafts has an extensive catalogue of products to sell but its big strength is in being able to make whatever a customer requires from place names for wedding feasts to machinery screens. It can even engrave photographs on to most surfaces, perfect for personalised gifts.

The business is run by Phil Townley and his wife, Mo, who have birthdays on January 13 and 31, giving them their company name.

“We make a lot of one-offs for people but we do discounts for bulk purchases,” says Phil. “We can make pretty much anything for domestic, commercial or industrial uses.”

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