Falcon Artwork and Design

Brand images give companies vibrancy and market presence through the expertise of Falcon Artwork & Design, a graphic design company bringing many years’ experience and expertise to the task.

Falcon also restores old or damaged photographs to astonishingly good condition, even when they seem beyond hope.

Company owner Richard Gamble decided to form Falcon Artwork & Design after spending 23 years employed in the print industry. Now he helps mainly small and start-up companies to create or reinvent their business artwork, creating new logos with strong impact and producing artwork for leaflets, brochures and other items of stationery.

His attention to detail and perfect finishing is a key factor in his success.

“There are a lot of websites around that tell people they can create their own logo,” he says, “But when they take it to the printer they find it can’t be used because it isn’t in a suitable format. I provide artwork that they can take straight to a printer or anybody else to work with, without any fuss. And, because I am a small company, basically one person, I can spend time with the client and give a personal service, discussing their thoughts and ideas.”

Richard can also offer his services freelance to the printing trade, standing in for staff absent through holidays or sickness.

Contact details: Falcon Artwork & Design,

4 Coronation Avenue,

Leicester, LE9 6PB

Tel 07947 346906

email Richard@falconartworkanddesign.co.uk

www.falconartworkanddesign.co.uk Facebook @falconartworkanddesign