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Beauty, originality and artistry are hallmarks of the amazing selection of high quality greeting cards offered by the specialist online retailer Hatty Boots. Now is the perfect time to buy for Christmas, but an amazing selection is available year-round for all other occasions including birthdays.

Customers choose from almost 1000 specially selected cards, many of which are created by some of the UK’s most exciting established and emerging artists and independent publishers. These are designed with care, flair and unique talent to superior quality. Some are simply beautiful examples of enchanting or amusing artwork. Many are hand crafted, some embossed or embellished with ribbons or jewels. These designer cards are seldom available in the familiar high street card stores.

John Wakefield, who runs the business with his wife, Diane, says: “We are ideally placed to bring small independent artists and publishers to the public as they would be deemed too small by many large outlets.”

Hatty Boots also sells charity Christmas packs and other popular ranges, giving them one of the best online collections available. Customers frequently have their orders delivered free the very next day.

John & Diane have been running the business for four years, attending trade fairs, galleries and specialist events to select their favourite designs and ensuring that all orders are processed with utmost efficiency. View their selection at www.hattyboots.com

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