Healing Crystal Bags by Marie

Healing Crystal Bags by Marie is an online shop linking customers with the mysterious powers of crystals to find peace, comfort and relief from maladies. The business also provides an amazingly collection of natural, shaped and carved crystals, jewellery and accessories. They can be used as gifts, pretty focal points around the home or mystical tools for connecting with the hidden forces of the universe.

Owner Marie O’Connor has a long held fascination for crystals which she has nurtured over many years, experimenting with their use in healing, relaxation and working with the chakras, the energy centres of the body which are integral to New Age and Hindu traditions. 

Marie’s own fascination with crystals strengthened when she had an accident a few years ago and worked with them to reduce side effects of her strong medication. From this she developed her Healing Crystal Bags, which became the bedrock of her business, bringing together selections of crystals for particular purposes and even custom making them for individual customers.

Gradually, Marie has expanded the range to include healing bracelets, the traditional chakra stones of quartz, amethyst, sodalite, aventurine, jade, carnelian and jasper and numerous other semi-precious stones and products from salt lamps to gem trees.

“When customers ask for help with a particular problem, I choose stones especially for them,” she says.

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