Source Energy Healing

Source Energy Healing is a gentle healing system which helps people calm their emotions, lift their spirits, relax and heal their bodies and rejuvenate their minds.  Based in Kenilworth, its restorative powers are attracting a growing number of practitioners and bringing healing to clients around the world.

Founder Jillian Stott re-discovered Source Energy Healing after feeling guided to take a trip to France in 2014.  Remarkable coincidences led her and her dowser husband, Peter, to an ancient chapel with a mysterious past, a hotel built over a healing spa and a geyser of great power.

Through exploration, investigation and spiritual practice linked to these experiences, Jillian felt reconnected with healing knowledge based on the energy centres, meridians and the aura.  She has created her own unique Academy and trained over 50 Practitioners. She also published her own Source Energy Wisdom Guidance Cards©.

She has trained seven ambassadors to teach other Practitioners and invites others to take her courses in Kenilworth and elsewhere, to become practitioners giving treatments both in person and at distance or by Skype, and also to use the cards.

Source Energy Healing

“Source Energy Healing is excellent for helping people move forward in their life, healing the past and releasing blockages,” she says. “Each treatment is unique gets to the source of the issue and is also excellent for de-stressing.”

Vitality Box

Vitality Box

Vitality Box is the vibrant new business to help you wind back the years and feel fantastic. It has a range of health and wellbeing services to pick you up and fill you with the confidence that comes from knowing you look great.

The best beauty accessory of all is a smile and yours will positively gleam with the tooth whitening treatment available through Vitality Box. It’s one big, bright way to get rid of discolouration caused by ageing, smoking, food or drink. There’s no dentistry and no pain, but with three 20 minute applications it can lighten your teeth by up to many shades. Further treatments can be given for even more fabulous results!

Vitality Box provides a range of injectable treatments to restore youthful looks and bring a healthy glow to the face and neck, break down body fat and improve energy levels. Company owner Jo Angrave provides these revolutionary treatments to stunning effect.

One of the most popular is Profhilo®, which works from the inside out to hydrate the skin and encourage the natural production of collagen to lift dull skin, smoothing out wrinkles, improving texture and adding luminosity. It is applied twice four weeks apart.

Jo can administer dermal fillers to enhance good looks by plumping up thin lips and hollow cheeks and make worry lines and crow’s feet disappear from the brow, mouth and eye areas. She can also give vitamin B12 to overcome lethargy and tiredness and assist in weight loss.


Based at a clinic in Kirby Muxloe, Vitality Box also provides sports massage, hot stone massage and a full range of nail treatments for hands and feet.

Jo wants every client to feel relaxed, pampered and impressed.

“We want them to enjoy the experience and leave feeling elated,” she says.

Contact details: Vitality Box, tel 07958 324401, email  Facebook & Instagram @ Vitality Box