Kelly’s Crystal Shop

Give the gifts of beauty and relaxation this Christmas by choosing from the magical selection of natural crystals, fossils, aromatherapy oils and spiritual gifts to be found in Kelly’s Crystal Shop, Atherstone.

Owner Kelly Staten has amassed a beguiling array of natural gemstones in colours from deep violet of amethyst to the subtle pink of rose quartz, each as individual as a human fingerprint and holding its own unique power and charm. Alongside these are sold stones which have been carved, polished   and maybe shaped into wands, dowsing points or crystal balls in different varieties of quartz and other minerals. Jewellery bought here is, of course, very special.

It’s not hard to tap into energies beyond our normal wavelength when handling these beautiful pieces, nor to imagine links to our ancestors when handling fossils of ancient animals.

Alongside all these things, Kelly’s Crystal Shop offers a wide range of fragrances to use around the home, whether in oil, candle or incense form, together with Tarot packs and books drawing upon arcane wisdom with a message for today. Vitamin and food supplements are available, as are highly reputable legal CBD products from the hemp flower.

Kelly herself has worked with crystals for the greater part of her own life and, with a natural affinity for people, loves ‘prescribing’ just the right ones for her individual customers and their particular desires.

Contact details:

Kelly’s Crystal Shop,

64 Long Street,

Atherstone CV9 1AU

Tel 01827 711458