Pawsitive Vet Care

Pawsitive Vet Care provides the vet that comes to the pet. The simple strategy of making home visits standard instantly eradicates all the stress of cats, dogs and owners having to make their way to a surgery and wait in a room filled with woofs, whines and clinical smells.

Based in Warwick and working within a 12 mile radius, including Coventry, Pawsitive Vet Care works on the unusual basis that pets are happier at home. Each consultation is therefore calm and comfortable for all concerned.

Practice owner Dr Helen Perryman has been a qualified vet for 10 years and having worked at several different practices now offers a wide range of services for cats, dogs, rabbits and other small ‘furries’. These include all the routine and non-emergency procedures such as vaccinations, health checks, microchipping and blood tests, treatment for minor ailments, monitoring of long term problems, end of life care and euthanasia.

Pawsitive consultations last at least 30 minutes compared with the standard 10 minutes at most practices. They cost more than the average surgery visit, but Helen keeps customers’ overall costs parallel by providing prescriptions which they can use with online pharmacies, which usually sell medicines significantly cheaper than surgeries.

“Because I don’t rely on income from drug sales, clients can trust that my treatment recommendations are unbiased,” she says.

Contact details:

Pawsitive Vet Care,


Tel 07410 411461