Posh Graffiti

Words can be beautiful in style as well as sentiment when produced by the innovative design company Posh Graffiti. This creative and ethical company produces a quite astounding range of lettering, numbering and word-based products, all hand crafted from sustainable materials.

Posh Graffiti produces letters for all manner of uses around the home and business. They come in natural, gilded and coloured forms in many fonts and formats from 6 to 43 centimetres high. They are sometimes used alone, sometimes formed into words to create name plates or uplifting or amusing phrases to hang on the walls, such as ‘ZZZ’ above a bed or ‘Carry on Cooking’ in the kitchen. Sometimes they are made into instructions or labels and they can be bought with gift boxes.

There is also a large selection of decorations in various sizes and shapes, such as hearts, eggs and angels.

Posh Graffiti works closely with wood carvers in the Indonesian province of Bali, thanks to an early connection made by company founder Emily Readett-Bayley, who started the online business with her sister, Lucy, in 2007. These artisans are primarily farmers but the letters they create from their fast growing albizia trees provide them with a vital supplementary income.

Now the company has a new Managing Director in Jason Weatherbed, a graphic designer who became Emily’s business partner. Jason is taking the company forward by redesigning the website to be fully responsive and expanding the range of products in time for people to buy for this Christmas. New products include lower case letters to complement the capitals, a wider range of colours and a greater range of materials, including glass mosaic and tile. They could be individually painted or gilded bespoke for customers.

“The letters are all lightweight,” says Jason. “You can hang them on walls with foam sticky pads.”

Contact details:

Posh Graffiti Ltd

Unit D Sherbrook Business Centre,

Sherbrook Road,


Nottingham NG5 6AT

Tel 01949 850245

email Jason@poshgraffiti.com