Quantum-Touch on Merseyside

An advanced practitioner of the natural healing therapy Quantum-Touch® is offering the energy treatment to Midlanders by Skype.

Liverpool-based Archie McKerrell says Quantum-Touch® works as well over distance by means of a Skype consultation as it does in person using the lightest of touches over affected parts. This is because the body’s natural faculties for correcting itself quickly tune in and start bringing about remedy and relief, just as it immediately starts to heal a cut.

Archie was raised by parents who used naturopathic doctors in preference to traditional family GPs and so was always interested in alternative healing, from boyhood. When he heard a talk about Quantum Touch® by its founder, Richard Gordon, he was greatly impressed and signed up for training to apply it to everything from sports injuries to emotional problems, back pain to headaches. 

The techniques use relaxation and energy focussing techniques. Now Archie uses them in his business Quantum-Touch® on Merseyside.

“The human body has an unfathomable, innate power to heal itself,” says Archie. “Quantum-Touch® simply provides a powerful field of natural healing energy that your body entrains to and can draw upon to accelerate its healing. It is not claimed to diagnose, treat or heal specific conditions. Ultimately if the body can heal itself, it will, but this technique can accelerate that process.”

Contact details:

1331 Lasercrafts,

6 Stanley Road,


Warwickshire CV21 3UE

Tel 07841 336939

email 1331lasercrafts@gmail.com