Rare Finds Gift Shop

It’s usually so hard to find that perfect gift, the inspirational one that expresses feelings without words and tells the recipient that it’s extra special and deeply meant. Rare Finds Gift Shop is where you can go to find just such gifts.

This beautiful shop in the pedestrianised heart of Rugby is stocked with a plethora of original, thoughtful gifts specially selected by the owners. It’s no surprise that last year, its first Christmas on the high street, it won the town centre’s Christmas Window Competition. It has achieved an all 5 Star rating on Google’s business site. With Christmas coming, there’s no better place to start your Christmas shopping.

Gifts are chosen for quality, good value and great appeal. Many are unique, handmade by artisans just emerging into the marketplace. All are products that customers are delighted to have found for their special person, knowing they have chosen well.

There are items for men or women, babies and children. The selection covers traditional toys, keepsakes, collectibles, and more. The products change all the time and, once sold, will probably never be in stock again. Owners Irene Rodriguez and her daughter, Denise, ensure that their shop is always full of attractive new merchandise to please, charm or amuse. There is also an exquisite range of wrappings and gift boxes. You can shop on the high street or online.

“We work with craftspeople, designers and small businesses to provide creative and innovative gifts,” says Irene. “Our aim is to provide a well-rounded, enjoyable shopping experience with unique items, space to browse and linger and excellent customer service.”

Contact details:

Rare Finds Gift Shop

20 High Street,


Warwickshire CV21 3BG

Telephone 01788 879045

email customerservice@rarefindsgiftshop.co.uk

business site  e-shop www.rarefindsgiftshop.co.uk business site https://rarefindsgiftshop.business.site