Vaping Pogonophile

Many people are starting to vape as a means to give up the more harmful habit of smoking, but the range of equipment, flavours and information is enormous and daunting. For an expert introduction, quality supplies and ongoing vape-related social scene, visit Mr VP Vape Shop in the heart of Rugby.

The Vaping Pogonophile (beard lover), ‘Mr VP’, is Peter Milner, who started vaping seven years ago to break a 25 year smoking habit and become healthier around his children. The new habit generated a fascination with the ever-growing array of vaping products and he started blogging about his vaping experiences. So successful was this that he caught the attention of industry insiders, who invited him to review their products and write for their publications.

When he was made redundant in 2017, Peter used his settlement money to open Mr VP Vape Shop. Here, his customers could not only buy from an extraordinary choice of products but also vape in comfort and muse over products and juices with other devotees in a relaxed and sociable environment.

In particular, he spends quality time with newcomers who hope to give up smoking.

“They are usually here at least an hour because I like to talk through everything with them,” he says. I think the success rate is quite high because a lot keep coming back.”

Contact details:

Mr VP Vape Shop,

18a Church Street,

Rugby CV21 3PU

Tel 01788 877460


Facebook @Vaping Pogonophile